Saturday, June 24, 2017


Just playing around with some cell phone snaps that I got of my grandson playing in the lake with 2 neighbor friends.
Im wanting to order one for the Stairwell of our home, because its so plain, Just have a Big Coke sign hanging there right now. 
Im going to take my time later, was just fooling around in Adobe Photoshop and what do you think.? I love Big Art. Im talking Canvas Gallery Wraps that are at least 24x24.  For A lot of Impact go 40 inches or more.  I am not one to do lots of tiny tchotchkes, instead I like BIG IMPACT and COLOR. Espcially with the BRIGHT White walls Ive got in my home.

Heres the original and heres after some tweaking in Photoshop, Which do you prefer?

In fact speaking of these wild colors, Im seriously thinking of going crazy in one of guest rooms. I love the style called "Palm Beach Chic"  I have a pintrest board of these types of rooms. You should follow me on Pintrest! I have several really cool boards including my LOVIN FROM THE OVEN.   Have a great weekend YALL! Its hot in Texas this week.
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