Thursday, May 24, 2018

my view this morning.

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We are getting close to being finsihed with this LAKE REMODEL!

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(I made this cute table this week with EPOXY and old bottle caps ive been saving, by the way, this was my view right here on Tuesday evening. Do you see why we live on a lake? it was a beautiful evening and not even hot. Perfect id say.)  

Bruce and I are pinching ourselves because we cannot believe its been 5 years next month that we bought the Lake house!  We've been working in our spare time to remodel it and hired some of the work out but we have done much of the work ourselves. Bruce can do anything! And I can help and clean up after him.  In April he took off 5 weeks from his Airline flying Job and really got after it on the house to make the deadline for our sons College MASTERS Graduation! 
Here is what we did in that time frame.
1. Tore all the siding off our Boat dock Room! It was freezing cold in early April raining and storming but we did it. We tore off the siding, ripped out the old insulation to the bare studs. I swept and cleaned out the Framing removing years of dirt, GECKOS and Tiny Gecko eggs and rodent poop! It was scary.  I took pics but Ill spare you. It was gross gross gross.
2. We put in New Insulation, New VAPOR WRAP BARRIER and New Pressure treated sheathing so it wont rot and will be waterproof for a long long time. Then Bruce and I installed the new James Hardy siding and trim. 
3. I power washed the deck, took me 2 full days!
4. I stained the deck with a Beautiful UV Stain in a Redwood Cedar color.
5. We emptied out the inside of the boat house and gave and threw away lots of FLOATIES and unnecessary or broken water toys.
6.I swept out a zillion Spider Webs, dead Love Bug carcasses and scrubbed clean the windows.
We moved a window from the West side to the North side!
7. We installed French doors which we took from the storage area that goes under our deck.
8. We moved the Sunshade fixture we had built a couple of years ago.
9. We hire Professional Painters to paint the boat house
10. We installed Bamboo Screening on the ceiling top of the porch area and rehung and cleaned the ceiling fan.
11. Bruce installed a new ceiling fan i purchased for the interior of the boat house.
12. Bruce moved the Air Conditioner to a lower position so that it will actually blow and cool your face and torso better. 
13. I purchased a FUTON on Craigslist *(Risking life and limb driving into Houston) and purchased a new cover for it.
14. Bought a few cute MARGARITA VILLE  style tchotchkes for the boat house which add fun character and charm! 
15. Our son hung stereo speakers outside to blast music while we swim and float.


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Monday, December 18, 2017

Our Christmas Special -DOUBLE YOUR Christmas!

 Every year we offer our 2 for 1 Gift Certificate Special , This is our 18th year. For only this week, if you purchase a Gift Certificate you get TWICE THE FACE VALUE. If you buy a  $25 one you will get a $50 if you buy a $50 you get a $100, If you buy a $100 you will get a $200.00! Etc!  STRECH your holiday dollars!  The certificate can be used any time in 2018, and will expire on Jan 24, 2019.  Take advantage of this offer while it lasts!
Can be used on weddings, Portraits and Past sessions as well.  Email  or call the studio at (940) 642-1772  for more info!
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Monday, October 02, 2017

Bealls Palais Royal and Stage Ripping off their customers with Fake Magazine Subscriptions.

I am livid! I have been a Bealls /Palais Royal card holder for years. I rarely look at my statement, but today I did and i was horrified! My balance was over $1,000.  When in fact it should be around $200.  So I started going through my past statements that I file. Every single month that I go into a Store, I found at least $60 to $75 worth of Charges for Magazine subscriptions!

I contacted COMENITY, the company that sends me my statements and notified them. I CANCELED MY CREDIT CARD.  I called my neighbor that is a high powered attorney and given her a statement. This is Wrong, We need to get a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT. Ive videod myself talking about what all I found over $800 in FRAUD charges on my card and posted it to youtube.  I am so upset by this, a store that I used to feel good about. I started googling it and found numerous websites talking about the same Issue.  

Shame Shame SHAME on this chain. You lost me as a CUSTOMER.

I have read where Employees say that they were pressured to do this to clients and signing them up whether they wanted it or not.
SHAME ON THEM. Im so upset.
My you tube, Vinemo and other videos are going all around until this stops.
 Palais Royal and Bealls  SCAM
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