Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Stay tuned for whole house REVEAL!

We are getting so close to getting our house finished.  I am currently doing a special treatment to our stairs and stair well, and walls, then I am polying the stair top treads, then the last guest bedroom and then the KITCHEN and last of all the exterior.  
I went PALM TREE SHOPPING the other day! Cant wait to have them installed, but we have to wait until we get the house finished painted!

Oh and the final thing is redoing the Boat house. We are lucky to have a ROOM on our boat dock. Its against the law now to build a boat dock with one but ours is "Grandfathered" in so we are lucky like that. Ive been bugging hubby to tear off the old pine siding and replace it with the Fun Cedar Shake look alike Hardy Plank on it and paint it out to match. We power washed the dock and the wood looks so sun bleached and clean and white! (Except for occasional Sea gull or EGRET taking a bit poo)  He cut off the high railing and created benches and put beautiful SOLAR lights all over it so it glows at night.  Cant wait to share pics with you all. Living on a LAKE IS HEAVEN!  Its so much work and maintenance, but that keeps me from getting Fat (shall I say FATTER) lol.  I sweat a lot everyday just watering all my plants, keeping the 15 windows in our great room clean , and just all that goes into living on a lot with Giant Trees, Oaks, Pines and plants everywhere.

Wouldnt trade it for anything though. Hope you all had a great Fourth of JULY~!   PICS COMING NEXT WEEK OR SOONER!  hugs!

Dixie DoLittle (Do A Lot) 
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Monday, July 04, 2016

Having fun on the jet ski.

YOu can only see this on a Computer, not a Phone for some silly reason.   But this is me, having fun!  My son had fun playing with my Drone while I rode our jet ski around on the 4th of July!  I had to lower the resolution to get it on the Blog, sorry its blurry here. The Original file is super clear and High Def!
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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Our Master Bath is Finished! March 23, 2016

OMG. When we bought this house 29 months ago the master bathroom was HIDEOUS! I mean SCARY!  The only reason I agreed to buy the house was because Bruce promised me we would update it.  I loved loved my house in Wichita falls, It was beautiful. And Perfect and Level and the walls were textured nice and the carpet and flooring was flawless. It was very beautiful. Then Bruce retired from the Air Force and got a job in Houston. I was devastated to leave my last house. We had built it when our son was only 2. We loved it so much. We raised our son in it. And I found this hideous old (40 year old) outdated from the 70s house. The only good thing was the rooms were huge and I saw the potential it could be. I was so homesick for the first year. My heart ached for my beautiful perfect home i used to have.

So we redid the Game room first, then the hallway bathroom, Then the dinning room. Then some work in the Great room, then the Boat house (All pics to come soon) Then the downstairs Guest Apartment.  Finally Bruce asked me "are you ever going to redo the master bath?" and I told him, It was the Cherry on top. It was to be the last room or one of the last rooms because I wasn't sure what I wanted. Then he informed me that We were running out savings that we had set aside for the reno and if i didn't decide soon, I would never get my dream bath. That's all it took! I had already pinned over 1,100 photos on my Pintrest board for my master bath ideas. 1,100 pictures PEOPLE> EVENTY HUNDRED PICTURES!!!!

I think i was ready because most of them all looked the same. Honed Itallian Carrera Marble, White floors, soft blue paint walls, polished chrome fixtures,  Beautiful Sconces, and the "pièce de résistance" a SLIPPER TUB in a beautiful window!
So We did it guys. We did it. Details and pics coming soon. OMG We did it!    
This photo was my main inspiration piece. This photo is what really inspired me. Although my new bath does not look exactly like this one, its still pretty perfect!
And heres ours below!.

I absolutely love the paint color. I chose "SEA SALT" by Sherwin Williams. Its a color that changes with the light! Sometimes its grey sometimes its robins egg blue, sometimes its almost green. I love it and it goes so well with the Carrera Marble.
The closet doors are new too! Before they were typical doors and I always wanted Plantation style doors like you see in hawaii and Florida or anywhere its humid. Well its pretty humid here near Houston. I will have to tell you about the floor tile in a minute. In the shower, around the tub is all Real Itallian Carrera Marble. Oh Yes, it was the big ticket item, next to the tub.  Im talking here about the floor time. Thats where I saved money!  Its the big subway style, 24 inches by 12 inches. It's porcelain! and only $1.99 a piece! Thats .99 cents a square foot!  I fretted over this decision like crazy. I loved the floor on my INSPIRATION PHOTO at the top of the page, but basket weave is just so fancy and this is a lake house. It would be so easy to go too formal. But I kept myself in check and my hubby doesnt want to live in a womans' house. I do like "gender neurtral" style with just a touch of femininity. So I went nuts in my closet. Ill show you that later! but Ill tell you its the most Feminine room in the house BY FAR.
Ok Ill stop rambling, heres more pictures.
I ordered this handshower online. I will locate the link. I LOVE IT! you have no idea of the problems I had talking my plumber into putting it underneath an outside window. He had to run the copper around a wall and build a bigger wall for it (Which was my idea) But Im so glad i did it. 
Heres the new shower! Before it was tiny and dark and scary. I had the idea to rip out the linen closet next to the door and enlarge it. Bruce was against it and kept saying the shower would be TOO BIG. Well guess what. HE LOVES HIS SHOWER. We added a 10 inch Rain Shower head and 3 body sprays. I designed the entire thing. I sketched the shower, hand picked the marble tile and then tracked down 3 tile guys to lay it. I hired a neighbor to help me Rip out the old shower. It was HORRIBLE. I am not kidding. It took us 3 days and made so much dust. and we had to go to the Dump ground and throw all of it by hand into a huge Dump bin.  But it was SOOO WORTH IT! I came up with the idea of having a small pony wall so that I could have a heated towel bar. Our son installed the towel bar and wired it up. Theres no switch, its directly wired into the wall. I cant tell you how nice it is to step out of the shower on a winter morning and grab a nice hot towel. Ahhhh its the little things isnt it?  See the sad shower before shot below? sad sad sniff. wheres the tissue.  Pitaful actually, It was like a Vertical Coffin. creepy and the floor tile hurt my feet. I HATED using it. 

I found a photo of the tiny shower before. See how sad it is? And the glass had so much hard water stains you could hardly see through it.
This is after me and my assistant ripped out the walls and all the tile and took it outside in a wheelbarrow one load at a time and dumped it on a trailor. Yes it was 3 days of hell. Bruce dodged the bullett by being gone on a 4 day trip. I paid my laborer $125 a day to do this and it took us 3 days. But theres NO WAY in heck I could of done it by myself. 

More pics coming soon. Gotta Run for  now!

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Ready for Snow!

Living near Houston is great in many ways, but it doesn't get cold enough!  My roses are all blooming, my tropical plants are still green as can be, and I just paid our yard man to mow our yard the first week in December. But at night its cooling down and the leaves  are falling.  Im craving snow!  We are trying to plan a trip to Colorado or Ruidosa New Mexico. In the meantime I have this image I made of Cassey. And I added the snow. Its a fun trick I know, it takes about 15 minutes or more.  So what about you? Do you like Snow and cold or prefer a warm tropical beachy Christmas?

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sarah & Jordan say I DO!

What a gorgeous Couple Sarah and Jordan make!

The beautiful Venue for their wedding. 

Jordan and his Posse!

That dress. WOWZA.... That Dress...

and Those Shoes!

Beautiful Bride and Bridesmaids!
Sarah and her beautiful Bridesmaids lounging before the wedding.

Here comes the Bride! 

and Jordan is captivated by his bride....

Reception coming soon!

Sarah and her awesome Dad!

More Family to come here.


First Dance!

The beautiful Wedding party!

More to come!


More to come soon! By the way PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS BELOW, Click on the COMMENT BUTTON and leave Sarah and Jordan LOVE!

Thank you Sarah and Jordan! Your wedding will always be one  of my most favorite memories!

Sarah & Jordan

I first met this beautiful young lady when she was about to be a high school senior. What can I say about Sarah? She is beautiful BOTH INSIDE AND OUT. She has a joy about her, a sparkle, a light that glows within her. I know a lot of it comes from the love her family has given her all her life. Her precious parents and brother who are so amazing I've actually asked them to adopt me. Well I'm older than her parents.. so maybe I could be that crazy Auntie or something. Anyway, I have loved photographing this gorgeous gal and her family for years so i was really happy when she texted and told me she was engaged and asked if I would be her wedding photographer. At the time she asked I said YES OF COURSE! and then a few weeks later I started experiencing dizziness, VERTIGO my dr. called it, and my memory became very short. The thing about vertigo is that you are so busy trying not to fall down or fall over you cannot focus on much else. Or at least that's been my experience. Anyway, I made the painful decision to contact Sarah and inform her of what was going on and how I did not feel that I could do the best job with the constant dizziness and was very worried what was going to happen to me if the dizziness progressed. Sarah reluctantly accepted my choice and I went about trying to find a qualified photographer for her. When I informed her father, he grabbed my hand and said "LETS PRAY!" and he prayed the most beautiful prayer. Tears streamed down my face and I stood in their driveway that day, and I thought it was a wonderful thing for him to do for me, but a big part of me was sure that this dizziness was not going to go away and that the MRI that showed a mass behind my right eye was growing.  Low and behold just about 2 weeks after the prayer my dizzy spells began to lighten up. Often grocery shopping was the most difficult. You do not realize how much you turn your head back and forth in a grocery store scanning the aisles.  I had to slowly turn my head in the past and hang on to the cart with both hands and using my full concentration to complete that task. Something as routine as this task that I've done since I was about 13 years old now was a huge feat for the week for me!  The day I was shopping and i noticed I was zipping down the aisles much quicker was when i realized the symptoms were lifting and i was able to do this much faster and easier and never even worried once about falling down or crashing my cart into a shelf.   I truly believe that the prayer that Sarahs' father prayed with me, in that driveway in Wichita Falls that day in July was a prayer answered by GOD. I have not had any symptoms since then and I was able to photograph her wedding without an assistant (who reluctantly had to bow out due to her father having surgery in Canada suddenly!)  and I was on my feet 7 hours and had boundless energy and no dizziness whatsoever.  Near the end of the wedding Sarah stood close to me and put her arm around my waist and said "Thank you Dixie for being here." and I got a knot in my throat (You know where it feels like a baseball is stuck in your throat and your lips quiver and I said "Sarah thank you for believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself."

Now I have to tell you that I've photographed over 500 weddings since 1992. I've seen all sorts of weddings, all religions, all types of people. Huge weddings, tiny weddings. But this wedding I cried like a baby. I mean even before her father came in to see her i started crying just anticipating what he was going to do when he saw her. And I cried when her brother came in to see her too. And I cried during the ceremony and I cried again during the beautiful Toast her father gave the couple at their reception, and then I cried when Jordans' best man gave a beautiful toast and Sarahs' best friend. and I cried when they she danced with her daddy and again during their Private Last Dance without anyone in the room.  So as you can see, These people are pretty special. And I will never ever forget their wedding.

I have been so fortunate to witness people dedicate their love and lives to one another, in beautiful places. To see the best in people, to watch 2 families joined together. But the weddings I remember the most are the ones where the families just love the Heck out of each other and arnt afraid to show it or talk about it. That's why I do this. Why I wear heels for 7-10 hours, why i drive all over the state and fly around the country.  Because that Love I get to see is THE BEST THING IN THIS WORLD. 
Thank you Sarah, Jordan, Lora, Lonnie & Mason.  Thanks for the gift of entrusting me to be your Eyes on that beautiful day. Ill always carry the Love you threw around like confetti in my heart too.

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