Thursday, June 08, 2017

I love photographing Interiors of Homes!

Hello, I know I have been gone for a while. It seems that more and more I am doing business on Facebook! I even let my beautiful website go after 17 years. People seem to love the fast connection etc.

I have plans to start publishing a lot more photos on this Blog and another Im creating, so stay tuned I promise that you will have something to see at least weekly.

One thing I wanted to let you know Is I am photographing interiors of homes a lot more now. 

Here is an image i Shot recently, a PANORAMA. What do you think? the time of Day is very critical to the success of an image in a home, especially if you are going to have draperies opened or want to showcase the property outside the windows. 
I also have a professional Drone that does great Video and Still images. Ill show more of those later.
Oh this is from a photo shoot that a friend and I shot at an amazing Golf Course in Atlanta with a fellow Texan you might recognize.  He joked that we both are from Texas, but had to come to Atlanta to meet.
Just wanted to share a few of my favorite images!  thanks for Looking! ill be posting more often in the near future!
My studio email is   thats the best way to reach me!  Thanks Yall! Talk to you soon!

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