Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Stay tuned for whole house REVEAL!

We are getting so close to getting our house finished.  I am currently doing a special treatment to our stairs and stair well, and walls, then I am polying the stair top treads, then the last guest bedroom and then the KITCHEN and last of all the exterior.  
I went PALM TREE SHOPPING the other day! Cant wait to have them installed, but we have to wait until we get the house finished painted!

Oh and the final thing is redoing the Boat house. We are lucky to have a ROOM on our boat dock. Its against the law now to build a boat dock with one but ours is "Grandfathered" in so we are lucky like that. Ive been bugging hubby to tear off the old pine siding and replace it with the Fun Cedar Shake look alike Hardy Plank on it and paint it out to match. We power washed the dock and the wood looks so sun bleached and clean and white! (Except for occasional Sea gull or EGRET taking a bit poo)  He cut off the high railing and created benches and put beautiful SOLAR lights all over it so it glows at night.  Cant wait to share pics with you all. Living on a LAKE IS HEAVEN!  Its so much work and maintenance, but that keeps me from getting Fat (shall I say FATTER) lol.  I sweat a lot everyday just watering all my plants, keeping the 15 windows in our great room clean , and just all that goes into living on a lot with Giant Trees, Oaks, Pines and plants everywhere.

Wouldnt trade it for anything though. Hope you all had a great Fourth of JULY~!   PICS COMING NEXT WEEK OR SOONER!  hugs!

Dixie DoLittle (Do A Lot) 
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