Sunday, February 22, 2015

My beautiful Grandaughter!

I have been a terrible blogger since before we moved to Houston and after. 
In August my daughter gave birth to her third child, my precious little granddaughter ABIGAIL!
Its so much fun having a grandaughter! Shes beautiful and perfect in every way. Whats amazing is her eye color, They are green like her mothers, and light brown like mine. She is a good baby and is happy most of the time. She has dark hair and fair skin. I love her so much.
She reminds me of her mother in some ways and brings back all those wonderful feelings of being amother the first time. Of course her brothers are nuts about her. Speaking of them
here is a portrait I took of them one day after Church.  
They are pretty special to me too!
We are still remodeling our Lake home, we have lots done and weve done a lot of work ourselves! Ill be posting photos soon!
Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope to hear from you! my email is  
Thanks! Hugs and Gods Blessings,
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