Sunday, January 11, 2015

You can if you just "FIND A WAY" .

Wow Today I watched Super Soul Sunday on Own channel. It was about Diane Nyad, the 60 year old female swimmer who swam from Cuba to Florida. I am just blown away at her will power, her belief in herself, the dream and the tenacity.
I taped both on my DVR, so I can watch and rewatch whenever I stop beleiving in myself.

Ive watched our son go from an overweight sad young boy into a state, National and World Champion Power lifter.  All the while keeping up his grades in high school and college.

I know the human spirit is strong. I know that people can do anything if they just reach down deep inside and "FIND A WAY". as Diane Nyad said many times.
Oprah always blows my mind with her guests.
Ive been a fan of her show for 26 years.

Food for thought.
Good stuff.
I live on a lake and i think about how hard it would be just to swim across the penisula part.

Im inspired today. 
Love Super Soul Sunday.

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