Saturday, June 14, 2014

Photo shoot on the 27th floor downtown HOUSTON!

I really enjoyed photographing this precious couple in their luxury high rise downtown Houston.  What an amazing view. This couple is just so precious, i cant say enough good things about them.

Creating a portrait with Floor to Ceiling Glass walls is a challenge. Also trying to balance the ambiet light outdoors with the indoor studio lighting is a challenge, something I learned my 2nd year of Photography School.
I used a light meter and took an ambiet light reading outdoors first and then set my Studio Lighting strobes to be just 1/4 stop higher.  
Using a tripod as well, for the exposure and ensuring my lighting did not reflect off the glass. I am so pleased with how all the images turned out from this session.
It was a beautiful apartment and this couple was sweet to invite me to stay the night in one of the guest rooms.
I look forward to taking more portraits in the Greater Houston area now that I live here! I never knew this city had so much beauty and such gracious people!  
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