Thursday, January 27, 2011

Its Official!

AM 1

Its Official! Our boy received an acceptance letter from TEXAS A&M last month and that is where he is going! If you dont know, our son ADORES AggieLand! He's a huge fan! Two walls in his room is even painted the Glidden Paint Color of A&M!

Were so excited for him! Hes been accepted into the Engineering Department. Were so proud he is in the top 10% of his class (AP classes) and he rarely ever brings a book home. When I ask him when he does his homework he tells me "IN CLASS MOM!" .

Hes hoping that he will also get to play football for them too. I am just thankful he never got hurt in high school and not sure if I want him to play for A&M. Either way he will have a great time. He was even on ESPN one time at the beginning of an A&M Nebraska game, with all his crazy A&M parphenlia on, including his big hat, glasses and Maron wig! I guess Ill be going to lots of games in the next 4 years! Time sure flies, seems like he was just my little toddler yesterday. Mamas pay attention and get all the time you can with your babies, they really do grow up so fast. In a blink of the eye.
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Scott Coach Boswell
AM bowl game
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