Thursday, October 07, 2010

How time flies!


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Now 2010
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THEN 1999

Well as most of you know our only son is a Senior this year. If you know me, you know Im not taking it too well. I can honestly say that its been a pleasure raising this child of ours. He doesnt give us any problems. He is sweet, and funny and friendly and great. He is very concientous and a great kid. I guess if he had grown up wiht a brother he might of developed some meaness in him. Or he might be selfish, or he might be in trouble a lot. But hes not. He loves church. He loves the Lord, He loves his family and the worst I can say is that he leaves towels on the floor in his room. Thats it! He washes his car at least once a week, he irons his own clothes. He bathes his dog and he keeps his room picked up. But you guys have heard all about it before the past 4 1/2 years since i started this blog. Because you see, I cant stop bragging on him.

I dont even apologize for it. In a world these days when there is so much negative, and so many bad influences, its amazing that kids can choose the right path. But ours did. The funny thing is we didnt shelter him at all. We let him make his own choices.

We do have a curfew but we trust him. hes had a car since the day he turned 16 and he always comes home on time. He does his homework by him self and hes in the top 10 % of his class. Hes all district in Football and All state. Hes ... well there I go again. Im just having a hard time knowing that hes going away to school soon. I wish he would make me mad or something so I wouldnt miss him so much, but the truth is, I miss him already. I took some shots of him and his dog this afternoon after his Football teams dinner. Of course he hates having his pic made but he loves his dog.

Hes had her since he was 6. Now hes about to turn 18 next month and she will be 12 next month. I feel like its the end of an era. But for now, im just going to get all the big bear hugs I can from this guy because hes the bestson in the world. and Im the luckiest mama in the world to have him as my baby boy. Hes gonna kill me for this but I cant help myself!

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