Sunday, August 22, 2010

Enjoying the last of summer!

Above, left to right, Our Son Scott, grand dog Rocky, grandsons Tristan and Aaron Scott!
Things have been really crazy here, with school around the corner! Our daughter and son in law and their 2 children just moved back to Wichita Falls! We found an adorable house and I'm helping her to decorate. We got the oldest registered for school and football. My husband is still in Asia for another few days and Ive been able to hold everything together for 3 weeks including all the studio business, the household tasks, moving my daughter (I rented a u-haul trailer) etc. (As you guys may or may not know, we have no other family here. So Its just been me, and my husband and our son and so I have to be very independent and do a lot on my own the past 16 years.)
Last night we had a big dinner at our house with everyone here and our sons girlfriend brought her cute Shitzu over. and he is so funny and knows a lot of tricks. Everyone loves Rocky!
Sorry I haven't posted pics lately, i will when school starts next week! Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!
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