Thursday, August 19, 2010

Busy as a BEE!

Sorry Ive been out of pocket! Its almost time for school to start and Ive just been super busy!
I dont think ive been this bad of a blogger in quite a while.

This is some of the things going on.

1. Studio is hopping with clients every day.
2. going to the frame shop and getting enlargements for the New gallery at Callfield Companion Animal Clinic.
3. Husband is in Asia for 3 weeks, so Im Housekeeper, cook, dog washer, errand runner, lawn mower (with the help of son) gardener, Pool Girl, (with some help from son) grocery shopper,
dish washer, studio manager, photographer, graphic artist, mother, grandmother, helping daughter and son in law and family to move, daughter, sister, author of photography articles, time to myself, pedis, manis massages, Football booster member, chief bottle washer ......
4. All the crazy details that come into play when your military husband is TDY!
5. Preparing for the HOlidays, our new schedule and hours, guest for numerous weddings, gift shopper....
6. Dreamer.. Creative Artist. time to play to dream and to think and pray and just be.
7. Avid reader!
8. Home decorator. Always rearranging all the furniture.
9. Shopping for my daughters new house!
10. meditating.
11. Problem solver.

And my poor dad who is 82 and lives alone 6 hours away from me, got up in the night and in the dark and fell and tripped and broke his arm.
My mom took him to the ER and hes in a lot of pain.
Is there anything more worrisome than worrying about your aging Parents?
And at the same time juggling your own kids and worrying about your grandkids etc?

Phew! Im going to leave for Ft. Worth now to pick up my daughter for a day of house hunting.
Thanks for your prayers. Love you all!
On a good note though! I have received two wedding invitations , one for a dear cousin of mine, my mothers youngest sisters son Jeff, who I cant wait to see (as a guest!)

and to my beautiful Photographer Friend Scarlett and Stephens wedding In Florida next spring.
I love to be a guest at weddings and enjoy the festivities!
Im so honored!!!!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!
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