Saturday, June 19, 2010

John and the Fam

John Holly 33
My husband works with a great group of guys. One of them happens to be John. When we went to Hawaii in January, John was one of the 2 that went with my husband for a program they gave at Hickham AFB. So i got to know him a bit and hes a great guy. Naturally I was very excited when his wife Holly asked me to create their newest family portrait. Military wives know the importance of family, as most of us move about a lot and we know that friends and family are dear. We have a natural kindred spirit automatically because we married Military men. (I'm very lucky we haven't moved around that much.) Her husband is getting ready to do a full year deployment to Asia and they will miss him a lot. So that makes this portrait even more special.
Thank you Holly and John for choosing me to create your family portrait. I'm really honored!
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