Saturday, June 19, 2010

Moon over Wichita


What a beautiful night! Whenever I am tired, worried or stressed, I will go into nature, sometimes in my own backyard and pray. I always love to look up at the moon and the stars, if its clear enough. My dad said that one of the first things I said as a little girl was "SEE THE MOON! SEE THE MOON!" I laugh when he tells me this because he makes his voice high pitched. He would take me up on the roof of our house and we'd look up at the sky together.
I shot this tonight with my 200 mm, 2.8 Canon Lens. ISO 1000, 1/2500/sec. , f/5.0 spot metered, hand held (The moon travels its own distance every 4 seconds so you have to have a fast shutter speed.)
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