Friday, January 08, 2010

Mirandas letter melted my heart!!!

Hey Dixie
i am a photographer in Utah and I read your blog daily it gets me motivated to work on my photography. But what i wanted to tell you is that i really love your posts where you talk about things that are more personal. ----family, your feelings and the stories about your life. You really are so open and wear your heart on your sleeve and I love that. I feel like I no u from these types of posts. One of my New years resolutions is that I wanna be more open on my blog and talk about my thoughts and feelings. Both on my business and about being a new mommy (Ayden is 14 months old)

I just felt like I wanted to say ThANKS DIXIE for being real, being yourself and for your Dixie-ness. LOL! I cry sometimes reading your posts, but it s a good cry. The recent post about your being bullied as a little girl cuz you could draw and other posts about your love of Christ, your love of your son and everything you share for these 4 years. My blog is locked for only my friends and family to see but I am thinking of unlocking it. Do you mind taking a look? Here is the link I hope U have a happy New Year and Im so jealous about your wedding in Maui, will u take me with u?! OH! OH! I am upgrading to a new camera can u give me some advice on which one to buy? Kisses and Hugsxxooxxoo~Maranda C.
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Erica Kree said...

Awww...that is so super sweet! Maranda's email melted my heart too :) What a nice lady to take the time to send such a heart felt letter.
Maranda- You should unlock your blog girl! It took me a long time to unlock mine, but it truly opened the door to meet lots of nice people & other photographers that have become dear friends!
Dixie- I love your blog too :) You seem like SUCH a sweet lady & your photography is stunning!