Friday, January 08, 2010


Im not a big Sci-Fi fan. But when my mom and her friend Bob invited me to go see James Camerons "AVATAR", last week, I jumped at the chance to go. I had read about it in the Sunday paper here and I love Sigourney Weaver!
The first thing was that they give you a pair of 3D Glasses. I knew we were in for a treat then!
All I can say is WOW. This was nothing like I expected.

I don't think it is Sci -Fi. Its a love story really. And what a feast for the eyes.
I only see about 3 or 4 movies a year. and I usually choose good ones!
The Blind side was one I chose Last year and I knew I made a good choice. Well I made a good choice with this one too!
Everyone needs to see this!!!
Its like movies used to be. Clear plot, lots of excitement, I don't recall any cursing, maybe there was but I dont think so. And LOVE. I loved it!!! Of course there is a bad guy and a good guy and love. Did I mention its a love story?
I know Men will love it and women will love it and Kids will love it!
I hope you ll take some time and go! Like I said, I'm not a big movie person and it takes a lot for me to go to the movies, it has to be something good, and this is a good one. I have had dreams about it since seeing it over a week ago. Its a good one.
Here's the link for the trailor. Oh and the Soundtrack music is amazing. Its by James Horner, who did the music for Titantic and Braveheart. I think a good score really can make a movie! and his music gives me goosebumps! Thanks Mom and Bob for a memorable evening!
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