Friday, January 08, 2010

The 24th at our home.

Did you guys here in Wichita Falls take pics and video of the snow? Id love to see your video or pics! I heard on the news that the actual total was 8 inches of snow.
We still have patches of it in our yard. I went out in it and took a bit of video. We also made a snowman, the first I've made since I was a kid! Send your pics I'd love to see them! A friend of mine who lives in Tanglewood told me her kids went down the big hill in a sled and on cardboard too, but she didnt get any pictures. Thats a big hill! I wish she would of got some! Snow is just magical to me! We love it! Imade some snowballs and put them in the deep freeze. In the summer, when its 105 Im going to make something with them. haha. Or throw them! Happy Winter everyone and stay warm! Im headed on a short trip to a place thats warm pretty soon. Ill post pics soon!
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