Thursday, October 22, 2009


Have you guys seen the show Flipping Out? Its my Favorite show. I don't usually like Reality Shows, so much drama but this show is awesome. Ive been watching it for about a year.
What caught my eye was that the Star Jeff Lewis is such a perfectionist! A lot like I am with my photography. But hes so smooth about and almost OCD. But its because he has high standards and no one seems to understand that! His house keeper Zoilla is hilarious! Reminds me of my own Felicia! In fact, I have my Felicia watch the show or clips on Facebook of her! My favorite scenes was when he made one of his employees go pick Avocados off his neighbors tree as punishment!!!! PRICELESS!

The whole cast is awesome including JENNI. I wish I had a JENNI. My studio could really use someone as dedicated and loyal and hardworking as she is. And shes really funny too! Can you tell Im really into this show?? Because they are real people. And Jeffs ideas and homes are TO DIE FOR! Hes a perfectionist and I love his minimal style. What I would give to get to photograph them someday! The only thing is that I wonder if Jeffs Lips are real. They are so fleshy, I suspect they are surgically enhanced.??? Everyone on the show is funny and cool. I love it! I hope you'll watch! HEres the official website.
I promise you'll love it. Its on Bravo
ENJOY!!!Jeff lewis Designs
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