Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Disease is Spreading.

Guys, have you noticed what is happening lately? You go to the grocery store and tempers are short. People are on edge.
You drive down the highway and people are cutting people off and giving the finger when you don't hit the gas the second the light turns green!
I hear mothers talking harshly to their kids at the elementary school.
Couples are bickering at the movie theatre behind you the entrie movie long! Dont dare "shush" them or God knows what they will do.
Everywhere people are on edge.
Businesses that Ive done business with for years, the Dog Groomers, my nail tech, etc are all sort of "SHORT" and edgy.
Its in the air guys. . The economy is starting to affect us. Its permeating our little towns and stores.
Its in our homes now, Its in our schools. Guys, if anything, we need to band together. We need to remember that times like this is when we show the people we care about that we do in fact Care about them. We NEED EACH OTHER.

Yes we have a war that is still going on, Our military is suffering from Post Traumatic Syndrome. Were fearful of the flu thats on the news 24/7. Were stressed. Were overtaxed. Were worried!

Ive always been proud to live in the South because we are kind and friendly to each other. Whats happening guys? Dont let this disease get a hold of you.
This disease is spreading faster than Swine Flu. The Disease of Harshness. The Disease of Anger. The Disease of Impatience.

Guys making someones day is so easy. Pay for that person behind you at Starbucks Latte.
Let someone pull out of a parking lot into traffic in front of you. Nod and Smile when you see someone on the street. Offer to open a door for someone. This is what this world, country, town needs. Lets choose to make someones day, instead of pushing someone over the edge.
"Be kinder than necessary, because everyone is fighting some sort of battle." Maybe someone will do that for you on a day when you need it the most! :-)
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