Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Its Crunch Time here!

Every year at this time it is very very busy. Its right before graduation and people are wanting to get all their photos for their high school seniors.
Ive had to turn away several photo shoots because my cut off date was the end of April, but then I went ahead and extended it to the first week of May.

I have a LOT OF ORDERS at still the lab right now.
I mean a lot!
and we are waiting for them to arrive.
I am receiving over 20-25 emails a day of people inquiring about their photos!
Please guys, as soon as they arrive you will be the first to be called!

Also we had a problem! A lot of orders that were to be "DROP SHIPPED" to our clients were not shipped due to a Credit Card expiration issue at the lab!
These orders are now going to be shipped to me and I will have to have you pick them up at the studio. Sorry for the confusion on that, it surprised me as well!

Please please bare with us. Our staff of two is doing all they can to handle the phones and make certain everyone is taken care of. I'm hoping by Friday or Tuesday at the latest everyone will be taken care of!
Thanks again for your patience guys! Feel free to email me at if you cant get through on the phone lines! (940)761-5111
For the class of 2010, I hope more people will be photographed during the summer months so this wont happen. I may have to change the cut off dates to the end of February in order to gurantee delivery by April! (orders usually do take 4-6 weeks!) Its listed on all our pricing information.
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