Monday, May 04, 2009

Century 21 Realtors

Im late blogging this, so I thought Id get it up tonight!
I really enjoy photographing professionals. I think it is so important to have a good Head shot for your business cards, newspaper publications and billboards. My friend Katie from Century 21 called us recently to set up several of the Realtors sessions there. They are all personable friendly and so much fun to photograph. I have to admit that I just love Mrs. Phillips. She is quite a character. She exudes charm and personality and she has the sweetest smile and giggle. And when she told me her age I did not believe her, she seems way younger than what she told me. She worked for WFHS for many years! She has a billboard on hwy 287 and I-44 that I created a few years ago.
Thank you guys for entrusting me to your oh so important new Business portraits! We offer a special price for business portraits if you bring at least 5 people at the same time. It is over 50% off for a group rate! Give us a call for more info. 761-5111.
If you are looking for a Realtor, Give them a call at 940-696-5561 or go to their site at
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