Thursday, April 23, 2009

Have Housekeeper Will Share!

Hey Gang! I wanted to tell you that I have a really amazing housekeeper. Thanks to one of my fav clients, Claire who graciously referred her to me.
She told me this morning that she has a couple of new openings available now. She is very trustworthy and I treasure her. She does a great job, has never once canceled on me (my one before her did all the time.) and she works hard and does a great job! She is a sweet hispanic woman who speaks pretty good English and she asked me to spread the word about her that she has a couple of openings. Her name is Felicia and I guess I can share her since she asked me to. :-)

She comes to our home every 2 weeks, but she can come once a month or every week if you need her. She will come and look at your home and give you a quote before you hire her. If you'd like more info about her, I can give you her phone number. Just shoot me an e-mail to and I will pass it on to you. I'm sure you'll grow to love her as much as we have!
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