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Saturday, April 18, 2020

So today I was craving a nice Hot MONTE CRISTO sandwich, the kind that Benigans used to serve.

So heres the recipe that i use and its supposed to be the same as Benigans. I make this about every 3 months and its always perfect.

Deli sliced honey cured Ham and Turkey luncheon meat
Swiss Cheese and American Cheese
6 slices of bread. I use Pepperidge Farms because its wider.

1 egg
1 & 1/2 cups water
1 teaspoon SUGAR
1 & 1/2 Cups Flour
1 Tablespoon Baking Powder
Vegetable oil for frying the sandwich
Powdered sugar for Dusting on top 
Raspberry Jam for dipping

Use large skillet and pour about an inch of vegetable oil into skillet. set on medium high and quickly assemble sandwich and batter. Dont let the oil burn or smoke.

Take 3 slices of bread and on one Place 2-3 slices of Turkey and one slice of SWISS Cheese
One another slice of bread put 2-3 slices of the Ham and a Slice of Swiss Cheese
stack them with the plain slice of bread in the middle to make a three layered sandwich. This will be a triple decker.

Place a toothpick in each corner of the sandwich so the they will hold together. 4 per sandwich.

Crack the egg in a medium to large mixing bowl. Add the 1 & 1/2 cups of water and beat with a whisk or fork until fully mixed Add in the salt, sugar, baking powder and flour and stir for a minute till the batter is smooth. Now Dip the sandwich into the batter, Careful cove all sides and surfaces. Make sure every surface of the sandwich is covered in batter or it will not fry right. 

 Carefully place into the skillet with the hot oil.  Make sure the oil is hot and be cautious using an egg turner. Warning!: This is a bit awkward, Dont burn yourself, in a few minutes lift the sandwich and gently turnover using 2 spatulas so not to splash oil. 

You are looking for a nice golden color. Now stand sandwich on its side, any side and hold up using 2 spatulas. Once that side is browned, rotate and do all 4 sides.   Remove and place on a plate with a paper towel.  =

Repeat with the other sandwich. Keep sandwich hot while cooking the other one. by placing a bowl over it or putting into the microwave to stay warm. 
  Place onto plates and cut in 2 with knife to reveal the melted cheese and meat inside.  Sprinkle tops with a little bit of Powdered sugar using a sieve.  Spoon a large tablespoon of Preserves onto the plate. Serve with chips or French Fries.  

Be sure and let me know how it turned out!

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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Napa Valley, California Dixie Sims Orr Dobbins

Its been forever since I posted! Im so sorry, i spend so much more time posting on Facebook and Instagram. 
Im going to start blogging a lot more often in October. I have tons of photos of our Home remodel to show you. Its almost complete!
Meanwhile since we are at a good resting place on our Lake house, we have been traveling a bit more! We went to Hawaii in August and we just returned from a lovely trip up to the wine country in Napa Valley. That was my first trip up there and OMG, Im in love!  We only visited 2 Winerys, but they were awsome, All my friends recommended the Castle di Amorosa, which is a huge beautiful castle  and it was incredible, and the V. Suitti which was equally lovely. Im going to post photos which are on my phone tomorrow. but in the meantime here's one of me at the entrance to the Castle. 

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

Cell Phone to Painting Snap

Hi Yall!
This is another example of a plain Cell phone snap turned into one of my Watercolor Giclee Paintings. 
This one is more extreme because I put a crackle texture on it. These typically take a minimum of  2 hours-to 8 hours depending upon what all is requested.
I paint these by hand. They are NOT AN APP!
They are not a one click button on your phone.
I paint in eyelashes by hand. I paint the skin, I paint the hair EVERY SINGLE HAIR, etc.
My Fees start at $35- and go up to hundreds depending upon what you want.
I give quotes. Just text me a cell phone image and let me know what you would like? 
Hugs, Dixie
text to (940)642-177TWO.
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I create Paintings from your Cell phone snapshots!

Hi Yall!  I know its been a while since I posted. It seems Im living on Instagram and Facebook now more than my blog. Since moving to the Houston area, Im not photographing as much as i used to. Thats intentionally because Ive been working on this Fixer Upper house for a while. Its looking so good!  Ive had many people ask me over the years if i can"FIX" their snapshots, and frankly I did not want to deal with it. I have been Restoring Antique photos for families for many years, but restoring a snapshot from a cell phone is a completely different thing. But I continue to get emails and facebook messages asking, so i decided to go ahead and do it for a select number of people per month. I only take 4 a month right now.
So if you have a photo of your dog, cat, friend, Loved one, etc. and want a beautiful handpainted painting of it, Im your Girl! 

Heres how It works.
1. Private message me or text me the Image in question.
2. Tell me what you want done to it. Often people want the background to be changed to look like a studio background, remove a person, etc... Let me know your requests.
3. Give me a few days to anaylze it,,
4.I will give you a quote on price Remember that the price will be higher if there are more than 1 person or one animal.
5. Let me know if you want a true actual painting, or if you just want a digital file, so that you can go to a place and have it printed yourself.
6. If you order a painting from me, i gurantee the quality will be much better than your Walgreens or Sams Club print. 
7. I also offer framing as well. 
8.I will send you via email or text, a PROOF of the finished work for your satisfaction. YOu then tell me the changes you want or tell me its perfect, 
8. I require 50% payment up front through PAY PAL. and final balance before shipping. I offer 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 
Thats how it works!  So Private message me on facebook, or text me at (940)642-177two  
I intentionally wrote the Two out as a word to help prevent Spam.
I look forward to working with you!
Heres a sample I did. Ill try to post more samples soon. 
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Saturday, July 14, 2018

i have Campaign Chippendale Mid Century and Hollywood Regency Palm Beach chic Furniture for sale!

 i have this
beautiful metal Table and chairs Chippendale style for sale!  Its got a glass top and the base and chairs are metal. I live near Houston and 4 hours South of Dallas, 3.5 hours east from Austin, TX.
I've seen the same table on sites on  1st dibbs and Chairish for $1500.00  Im selling this one for $750.  I will deliver in Texas for an additional fee. I will ship White Glove shipping out of state for additional fee as well.  To contact me please email me at  or text me at (940) 642-1772   Thank you! 

This beautiful CAMPAIGN DESK!  Campaign Style Desk with Tambour Doors on Crossed Wood Bases by John Van Koert

This is so gorgeous in person!  Ive found others on line for up to $4,000. and here right now for $1800.  Im asking only $1,000.  

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