Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sarah & Jordan say I DO!

What a gorgeous Couple Sarah and Jordan make!

The beautiful Venue for their wedding. 

Jordan and his Posse!

That dress. WOWZA.... That Dress...

and Those Shoes!

Beautiful Bride and Bridesmaids!
Sarah and her beautiful Bridesmaids lounging before the wedding.

Here comes the Bride! 

and Jordan is captivated by his bride....

Reception coming soon!

Sarah and her awesome Dad!

More Family to come here.


First Dance!

The beautiful Wedding party!

More to come!


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Thank you Sarah and Jordan! Your wedding will always be one  of my most favorite memories!

Sarah & Jordan

I first met this beautiful young lady when she was about to be a high school senior. What can I say about Sarah? She is beautiful BOTH INSIDE AND OUT. She has a joy about her, a sparkle, a light that glows within her. I know a lot of it comes from the love her family has given her all her life. Her precious parents and brother who are so amazing I've actually asked them to adopt me. Well I'm older than her parents.. so maybe I could be that crazy Auntie or something. Anyway, I have loved photographing this gorgeous gal and her family for years so i was really happy when she texted and told me she was engaged and asked if I would be her wedding photographer. At the time she asked I said YES OF COURSE! and then a few weeks later I started experiencing dizziness, VERTIGO my dr. called it, and my memory became very short. The thing about vertigo is that you are so busy trying not to fall down or fall over you cannot focus on much else. Or at least that's been my experience. Anyway, I made the painful decision to contact Sarah and inform her of what was going on and how I did not feel that I could do the best job with the constant dizziness and was very worried what was going to happen to me if the dizziness progressed. Sarah reluctantly accepted my choice and I went about trying to find a qualified photographer for her. When I informed her father, he grabbed my hand and said "LETS PRAY!" and he prayed the most beautiful prayer. Tears streamed down my face and I stood in their driveway that day, and I thought it was a wonderful thing for him to do for me, but a big part of me was sure that this dizziness was not going to go away and that the MRI that showed a mass behind my right eye was growing.  Low and behold just about 2 weeks after the prayer my dizzy spells began to lighten up. Often grocery shopping was the most difficult. You do not realize how much you turn your head back and forth in a grocery store scanning the aisles.  I had to slowly turn my head in the past and hang on to the cart with both hands and using my full concentration to complete that task. Something as routine as this task that I've done since I was about 13 years old now was a huge feat for the week for me!  The day I was shopping and i noticed I was zipping down the aisles much quicker was when i realized the symptoms were lifting and i was able to do this much faster and easier and never even worried once about falling down or crashing my cart into a shelf.   I truly believe that the prayer that Sarahs' father prayed with me, in that driveway in Wichita Falls that day in July was a prayer answered by GOD. I have not had any symptoms since then and I was able to photograph her wedding without an assistant (who reluctantly had to bow out due to her father having surgery in Canada suddenly!)  and I was on my feet 7 hours and had boundless energy and no dizziness whatsoever.  Near the end of the wedding Sarah stood close to me and put her arm around my waist and said "Thank you Dixie for being here." and I got a knot in my throat (You know where it feels like a baseball is stuck in your throat and your lips quiver and I said "Sarah thank you for believing in me, even when I didn't believe in myself."

Now I have to tell you that I've photographed over 500 weddings since 1992. I've seen all sorts of weddings, all religions, all types of people. Huge weddings, tiny weddings. But this wedding I cried like a baby. I mean even before her father came in to see her i started crying just anticipating what he was going to do when he saw her. And I cried when her brother came in to see her too. And I cried during the ceremony and I cried again during the beautiful Toast her father gave the couple at their reception, and then I cried when Jordans' best man gave a beautiful toast and Sarahs' best friend. and I cried when they she danced with her daddy and again during their Private Last Dance without anyone in the room.  So as you can see, These people are pretty special. And I will never ever forget their wedding.

I have been so fortunate to witness people dedicate their love and lives to one another, in beautiful places. To see the best in people, to watch 2 families joined together. But the weddings I remember the most are the ones where the families just love the Heck out of each other and arnt afraid to show it or talk about it. That's why I do this. Why I wear heels for 7-10 hours, why i drive all over the state and fly around the country.  Because that Love I get to see is THE BEST THING IN THIS WORLD. 
Thank you Sarah, Jordan, Lora, Lonnie & Mason.  Thanks for the gift of entrusting me to be your Eyes on that beautiful day. Ill always carry the Love you threw around like confetti in my heart too.

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