Thursday, October 08, 2015

Im in LOVE with white pumpkins.

I'm a summer girl. I love summer. I mean I dont just like it, I LIVE FOR IT. I have always thought that summer was just a magical time. As a kid when the school doors opened and they set us free from Labor Day to Memorial Day so much magic happened! Barefoot, sleeping in, sleeping outside under the stars (in our backyard in our sleeping bags), riding bikes all day. Going to the American Legion swimming pool from 1-6 Every day all summer. Vacations to the mounatins and the Oasis in west Texas  BALMORHEA State Park near Pecos and Marfa.  Carefree, days on the porch swing eating popsicles.... then fall came and it was back to school and getting up early and cold and snow and rain and ugh.

Now that I'm older ,i am starting to appreciate Fall. Its a respite from the heat (I now live near Houston and let me tell you the HUMIDITY is UNREAL!) The humidity goes down, you can sit outside, the bugs dissappear and the hummingbirds play.  I watch the Monarchs flying South, i watch the geese and ducks flying south and I can nap in the hammock and enjoy the lower temps that feel like Southern California or Hawaii. Weather in the 70s and low 80s. ahhhh.

So anyway living in a "Beachy" house on a lake just an hour from the Texas Coast, I didn't want to do ORANGE and Black decorations. Or Even Orange. I want to strech the summer out a bit, and i stumbled upon some great Pintrest boards with WHITE PUMPKINS! WHO KNEW? WHITE? I love everything white. Our Great room is 95% white. I love white HORSES, WHITE Furniture, White Rugs. white bathroom and kitchen tile. ALBINO Animals (Don't get me started on White Barn Owls, or Albino anythings... White is just MAJESTIC) so when I saw these WHITE Pumpkins at HEB (ok they are bit yellowish white) I knew they were mine.  and after perusing about 100 Pintrest boards with white pumpkins I came up with this centerpiece.

I love it. I have laundry to do, dusting and cleaning before hubby returns from a 4 day trip around the country and a sink full of dishes but all i can do is photograph and admire these white pumpkins. 

Im such a dork.  I feel it still needs something? A white starfish? a White sea shell? I got the whites Hydrangas i could find.  not sure yet. but in the meantime..I guess I better get to crack a lackin on those dishes. Only 3 hours and hubby will be home and say "What did you do for 4 days? The house is a wreck?! "   and ill turn red and sheepishly say  Pintrest again. Sorry. (SOOORRRREEEEE)
(Real white live pumpkins HEB Grocery, Small Faux white pumpkins, HOBBY LOBBY, Wood tray HOME GOODS, Faux berries AT HOME, Faux greenery AT HOME,  Candles HOBBY LOBBY.)

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