Monday, March 25, 2013

We lost an angel

  I wanted to share something personal. I've been grieving for  9 months. My only daughter, misty was pregnant with their third child back in June, but at 21 weeks my daughter began having contractions and over a 4 day period of labor she lost the baby. She got to hold her in her arms, she was only 15 ounces. Perfect but tiny. I never got to see her or hold her myself because she was born in Galveston.  
Chloe Madison Niles.   My first granddaughter. 
I have her tiny blanket (small as a napkin) and little hat. And teddy bear. 
It's been very sad yet a reminder that God is in control, why he let that sweet baby come into our lives I don't know. although she never took a breath, we know she is safe in heaven, with Jesus, and we will see her again someday. She put up a fight for 4 days.
Its taken  me 9 months to talk about it. She was supposed to be born in October instead of June.
She might be crawling now if she had survived.
I belong to a group of professional photographers called "Now I lay me down to Sleep",  from the prayer/ poem.  We are volunteers that ,  free of charge, photograph babies that will not be going home.
I never thought I myself or my family would need these services.
 I hug my children and 2 grandsons  tighter now. 
Life is most precious and sacred.
Just wanted to share that with you. 

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