Monday, August 06, 2012

Keisha & Jake Say I Do! / Wichita Falls / Texas / Wedding / Photographer / Dixie

OMG. This was a wedding that I prayed would happen someday. This is about a girl who is a strong as a Crocus flower. A girl who came through the snow and ice and bloomed!
Keisha was first a client 7 years ago when she was a Senior. Keisha and her mother had just moved here from Santa Barbara California. They had no family here, just a couple of friends. They moved here to start a new life. They had plenty of hard times. But Keisha always held her head up and smiled. Keisha settled in here and played Volleyball (She was really good too!) Keisha & her mom relied upon God and each other and went through their struggles together.
Let me tell you the story. Because I loved them both so much I actually hired them about 5 years ago. Keisha as my graphic artist and her mother as my office manager. Suddenly i became very interested in shows about cancer, watching Randy Pauschs "Last Lecture" on Oprah and inviting the two of them to watch along with me.
Keisha started experiencing abdominal pains and i encouraged her to go to the Dr., however they had no medical insurance. Keisha had a 3 month old baby girl  (Raylee) and she was attending classes at VRJC.  Things were difficult for them. After testing they discovered Keisha had a rare form of cancer called "Choriocarcinoma".  She had her beautiful long blond hair cut and donated them to "Locks for Love" and immediately went to MD Anderson hospital in Houston for treatment. I bought her a new iPod and loaded it with my favorite Christian songs so she could listen to inspiring music while enduring her treatment. I sent her books on Nutrition for cancer patients and eating well. I bought Brazil nuts and sent them to her. I prayed for this young lady who had barely begun her life to heal and to prosper.
Let me tell you, this young lady prospered! She was healed, Praise the LORD!  Keisha not only was healed, she returned to the area, continued her studies and earned her LVN and recently her RN.
Saturday night she married her long time sweetheart Jake, a high school football coach.  I'm so proud of her, she planned her wedding all herself, and chose such unique and beautiful designs.
I'm so proud of how she persevered during such a difficult time in her life.
Words cant say how proud I am of her. There are many many other things I could talk about here but Ill stop with this. No one should have to endure as much as she has, but she has not only survived, she has THRIVED!  I am proud of her and Praise God for giving her a 2nd chance.
Her mother had moved back to care for Keisha's grandfather in Lake Charles Louisiana, and Keisha has accomplished most of this all on her own.
Now you'll understand why I had a huge knot in my throat most of the night, that i just couldn't swallow away.
God Bless this marriage, Bless this couple and their lives. They deserve it.

Congratulations Keisha & Jake! I wish you guys a Long Happy Marriage and Lives together!
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