Saturday, July 07, 2012

4th of July at Lake Brownwood

We spent the 4th of July at our Uncle Wayne & Aunt Carolyns beautiful Lake house at Lake Brownwood. What wonderful hosts they were!  They have a beautiful home that they had built a few years ago, with a dock and breath taking views! Heres some of the fun we had for 4 days on the Lake.  Im so relaxed I dont know if I can get back to work next week or not.!  :-) Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth!

I shot all these pics, We took our boat and our 2 grandsons, our son and a friend of his and spent all day, every day on the water, except when dinning on the Beautiful Patio overlooking the lake. My husband made RIBS, and his Uncle made his famous BRISKET in 5 different flavors! (With different rubs and we had a contest to see which one was best!  I love the shot of my husband and son skiing together. They love to ski that way. My husband is actually skiing on his uncles 40 year old WOODEN SKIS! Our son also loves to Wakeboard and taught our 14 year old grandson to do it as well. If you dont have a boat, you need to get one, this is our 5th year with a boat and we dont know how we lived without one all those years.  More pics to come later!
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