Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wichita Falls, Tx Photographer

Ive been enjoying the slower pace this time of year. Gearing up for Spring portraits and ive got 2 weddings next month! I took advantage of some of the quiet time we've had been redecorating our home, and kitchen.

Not any renovations (we did that 4 years ago to our kitchen!) but just redecorating. Im anxiously awaiting summr,and recently purchased 4 cases of softdrinks for some of our backyard BBQs we will have. Usually I get our softdrinks at World Market stores in Grapevine, but yesterday I got these at Atwoods here near our home!

I love Orange Crush (not just because our sons and grandsons schools are nicknamed that.) But because it reminds me of hot Texas summers and gulping the citrusy freshness as a child. Hope you guys are enjoying the slower pace of winter and looking forward to making great memories this summer. ( BTW, Get your kicks on Route 66!)
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