Monday, December 05, 2011

Surprise Snowfall Last night!

This morning I woke up and my husband and I were getting ready for our day and I happened to notice out the window that it snowed last night! WoW I didnt even know it was supposed to. It was a light snow fall, but snow NONETHELESS! As i was gazing out the window, I noticed the house across the street that is for sale, had snow on its beautiful rose bushes. Since Ive been watering these roses with my own water the past few weeks, I had to go and rescue them. You see I cannot stand to see any living thing suffer.

I've always been that way. Seeing the snow on the beautiful roses and rose buds, made me think about how life can be hard on the delicate things in this world. That something so beautiful and fragile was happy one day and basking in the warm temps and the next, was shocked by ice and snow landing on it. Made me think of the song "CANDLE IN THE WIND". I want to rescue the world. I cant help it. Ok, I know im getting corny here, but I mean it. Lets all take care of the delicate things in this world. Children, animals, dogs, cats, squirrells, Lets be good Stewards of the things that God puts in our paths. We are not supposed to only think of ourselves.

We are to think of everything and everyone, that comes across our paths. Lets slow down and give what we have to help others. Espically this holiday season. Now I have a beautiful Vase of flowers on my bedroom night stand to enjoy.

In my life, espically when I was in my early 20s, there have been times when a few people had noticed my vulnerbility and had helped me.

Had brought me in from the cold. Had seen the beauty inside me, the vulnerability and how fragile I was, and then rescued me of sorts. And there have been those, who turned a blind eye and let me suffer.

God is like that also, he knows we are weak, and he knows we need him and each other. He will shelter us from the cold and from the ones who wish us harm. So that we can bask in the warmth of his love and his comfort. I chose to love, to give and to help. You see, when you help and give, you get back too. But thats not the reason to give, just give and help and it will all work out in the end. Have a beautiful week!
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