Monday, December 05, 2011

Prayers for my Father in Law

Im very sad to say, that my Husbands dad, Jerry, is battling Brain cancer. He has bravely fought for a few months now and according to his neurologist, only has days left to live. We've each told him our goodbyes and told him it is OK, to relax and go to heaven. Hes fought the good fight. Jerry and his wife have been very involved in their church, the church we were married in, Northgate United Methodist in Irving, for over 45 years. Jerry taught Sunday school and his wife has been the church secretary and volunteer for many many years.

I'm glad that Ive been able to spend time with him. Our son is taking it very hard as he is very close to his paternal grandparents. They attended almost every single football game he played in, and many many of his power lifting meets. They would make the 5 hour round trip drive to support him in his athletic events and has never missed a Christmas with him in 18 years, including his very first Christmas in Japan!
Please say a prayer for Jerry and our family, the Dobbins, who are all gathered with him in Irving, during this difficult time. I for one know, that once he does pass, Jesus will say to Jerry, "Well Done my Loyal and Faithful Servant. Well Done."
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