Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Winning Trophies ultimately for you, my clients!


I recently entered prints into a Texas Print Competition where I received 2 trophies and 2 Judges Choice ribbons!
Ive been entering print competiti

ons for 15 years and literally (ok not bragging but just sharing here.) a Storage building full of trophies and ribbons. I absolutely love entering. Its expensive, and time consuming, but it is so much fun. Im sort of strange in the aspect that I dont mind being torn apart verbally by judges. I thrive on critisism, , I learn that way, but many I know enter once, get their work ripped apart and then never enter again. Also you never know what judges you are going to get and what their taste is. I am a big gambler and I love to take risks and gambles, so I pony up the money, put my heart and soul into several images and risk it. Then I sit and listen and bite my tongue. I couldnt believe the wonderful comments I got this year. (and some negative ones too, from a judge who is my friend none the less! haha. But One judge brought the score from an 85 (which is really really good!) up to a 96 and another judge wanted it to go to a 100! They discussed and challenged each other for a full 8 minutes before finally settling and all agreeing on the score of 96. I was one point shy of winning two more awards, but a friend of mine got a 97 for a wonderful image she did of 4 women.

I did receive the trophy for "Best Electronic Imaging by a Master Photographer." and "Best Illustrated image by a Master". and two judges awarded me their coveted Judges Choice Ribbons. I was so honored! The competition was fierce and amazing! These two images titled "the Masquerade" and "Trick or Treat" were the winning images. I entered 4, another one was awarded a merit and the 4th did not score well, a 77 which is not great. :-)

It was a great time and I love streching myself in this way. its taken me 16 years to accumulate the skills and knowledge as to where now I know what will usually wow the judges. There are 12 elements. You cannot ask another photographer what to do with your images. They ahve to be your ideas, executed by you, or you could be disqualified. Im proud that I can create images to wow the judges. Its fun to hear their thoughts and feelings on my work! and I think it improves my day to day work for my clients. Im always streching myself, like a good actor does to be the best. It benefits not only me, but ultimately you, My treasured Client.
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