Thursday, June 23, 2011

How I stay cool in this heat.

I shoot out in the heat a lot. We have a wonderful studio with cool painted concrete floors and central air, but a lot of times clients want something outdoors. If you've never tried one of these you have to get some!

They are bandanas filled with some sort of crystals that absorb water! I got mine at walmart a few years ago and love them. You simply fill a small bowl with water and some ice, and place them into the bowl for about 15 minutes. Soon the crystals will swell with water and then you simply tie them around your neck. Great for mowing the lawns, or attending a parade, or during a family picnic, etc. You can take along a thermos with ice water and put it back into the thermos (dont drink the water!) and resoak it as needed. (I take along 2 wraps,and alternate them every hour.) My father worked out doors all his life and I just wished these would of been around back then for him. :-(

Pick up a couple at Walmart or your local athletic supply store, or
buy them online here! They are priceless when the temps soar and you're stuck in summer heat.
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