Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ashley is a Dixie Chick!

Ash Stew1
Wow, we had a great time with Ashley! The temps were soaring yesterday, over 100 and i was sweating, but Ash was calm cool and collected! Ash goes toRider and is one of the Raiderettes.

When I would ask her to climb a brick wall, she did it with zeal, jump into a spiderweb covered bus, she climbed up, asked her to walk around a salvage yard in 6 inch heels she said "SURE!". Her sparkly personality and twinkle in her eyes, says "Im a go getter!" I really enjoyed her. Lots of ice, Sonic, and some ice cold soaked bandanas kept us going in the heat for 4.5 hours!

Thanks Ashley, Every one of your images is a show stopper! Thanks for chosing Pics by Dix. you are definetly A DIXIE CHICK! :-)
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