Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy First Day of Spring!

Its looking a lot like Spring around here! Here are a few shots around the house.
Dixie Bird
The portrait above my bombay chest was taken in 1996 by Joe Rogers Photography. I love that portrait! Joe is a great guy and has been a friend of ours since about 1995. Our son was 4 and our daughter was only 14. Now she is 29 and hes 18! I cant beleive that was 14 years ago!!!
The value of a portrait grows more in value every passing year. I wouldn't take a million dollars for this portrait! It was taken out in front of our home, the home we built when we moved to Wichita Falls in 1994. The size is a 20x24, which is a great size!

I want to get a new one taken by Joe this Spring, before our son goes off to college at Texas A&M. in the same spot, with his sister too. It will be a great heirloom. Portraits are like that. They become our most treasured possesions next to our family. And how lucky am i to be in the Heirloom Portrait business!?!

Photobucket And what would spring be without some tasty cupcakes? I made these, but they are not near as good as my friend DENAS! From Dream Bakers!

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