Monday, March 21, 2011


When I started my blog 5 years ago, there just wasnt that many around. I was attracted to blogging because I love to write! As a kid I kept in touch with friends by writing letters ( yes i wrote to my kindergarden friend for a while when I was only 6 and 7 years old, after we moved from Odessa to Plainview.)

Then I wrote letters to my grandparents for years and years as a kid always starting my letters the same. Dear Grandmother and Grandfather, How are you? I am fine. Id love to see those letters, but im afraid after thier passing someone tossed them out.
What a treasure they would be to see and read and to hear how my mind was working as a 12 year old, etc...
My best friend when I was 14 was Francie Whitaker and when my parents divorced, and I moved back to Odessa at 15 years of age, she and I kept in touch with our letters.! Oh how I would get so excited to get a letter in the mail from Francie. I loved her handwriting, her little drawings and all the fun things she would talk to me about. We competed on getting new fun stationary, my taste leaned towards Snoopy, Ziggy and that cat with tennis shoes from the late 70s. Hers was anything pretty and fun and often times, "Precious Moments" children.

I loved the loopy way she wrote my name on the envelope, i would relish opening each envelope slowly savoring every word she wrote. Using my vivid imagination (Ive always had a huge imagination) and picturing all the events and things she would write about, flying with her dad, he was a pilot and would take them on vacation in a plane.) just the day to day fun things that I so missed that she was doing. She would write about her sisters, who she had a crush on, trips and just the mundane updates about school, etc. She'd write about the adventures we would have when school was out and we could visit and about our upcoming trip to Six Flags over Texas.
THen when I was in college, my dad and i would write back and forth to each other a lot. Sometimes I would get 2 letters a week from him! It was a treat because long distance phone calls were expensive then and a letter was so much better. My dad has the prettiest handwriting, due to his grandfather who had been a teacher and a principal who taught him "penmanship".
Now in the days of Texting, email and Facebook, that long lost art has all but died! I try to mail out handwritten thank you notes to my clients when I can. Its not always possible but I try my best. I always enjoy getting cards in the mail from clients and friends and espcially our Itallian friend Luigi who lives in Northern Italy. I love the beautiful stamps on his envelopes too.

So... blogging is my main form of writing these days. I dont write as much, with a teenage son, grown daughter and 2 grandsons, life is pretty hectic. Not to mention running my studio, and taking and editing pictures. Ive kept this pace up for a long time. I pride myself on several things. My loyalty as a friend. My ability to not quit at things, I tend to stick it out to the end in almost everything i start, and the way I keep a level and cool head in a crisis. But i find Im getting older and tire more easily of things. My priorities are shifting as Im approaching my 50s. (I just turned 48 a couple of weeks ago.) Im probably going to blogging Less, but saying more when I do.

For those of you who read my blog, I hope you dont mind. I have written over 10,000 posts on this blog in the 5 years since i started it. My parents are getting older and they live 6 hours away. Im going to focus more on my family and little less on my blog. I love to bake, cook, decorate, garden, travel and love those in my life. It doesnt mean I dont love my business. We still operate a full time studio 4-5 days a week and I employ a full time employee. But Ill be blogging less and living more. Thanks for those who have been with me for this journey. Ill see you soon!
By the way, here is a blog that I really love, its falled "THE FLYING BEE". and its ironic that she wrote this last post she wrote recently. I feel the same way!
Check her out! By the way, why dont you handwrite a letter to someone you love! Your parents? a longtime friend? a grandparent? Im sure they will jump with joy to see your happy little handwritten envelope in the mail box! Maybe I'll write Francie one too.
Stay in focus and be kind to one another,
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