Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to this BLOG!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR BLOG! The Photography by Dixie Blog is 5 years old this March! (and my birthday is the 5th! YAY!) (and thet studio will have its 15th anniversary in June!)
We were the first Photo studio in Wichita Falls to have a blog. I wrote a great article about creating your own blog for the Texas Professional Photographer magazine called "GOT BLOG?" and many wrote to me for advice and started their own! Ive personally written over 10,000 posts!
If you are interested in going back to see your portraits, or read anything the past 5 years, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and there is a directory to the LEFT HAND SIDE that says the month and the year or you can click on the tiny words on the right side that say "OLDER POSTS" to go back page by page.

Its tiny but its there on the RIGHT hand side at the bottom.
Thanks to you guys for reading it, and keeping in touch with us. I love it when people tell me that they read it often and they know all sorts of things about our children/grandchildren/ studio etc. from the blog! it warms my heart!
We have got some great ideas for the blog in the coming year. We are going to start having Free Give-a ways! We will have contests and drawings, so check back often and bookmark us. Each month we will have some offer where we will give away something ranging from $50-$500.!!!! Happy Birthday Pics by Dix Blog, and heres to the next 5 years!
Have a great week everyone!
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