Monday, February 28, 2011

Had a super weekend, how about you?

Wow, the weather has been really unusual lately. Cold nights, super warms days (my car temp gauge said the air temp was 90 F yesterday! And the wind and grass fires up near Amarillo, etc.
We had a great weekend, My son and I rode with the Head Power lifting Coach, Freeman to Leonard Texas for the Girls Regional Power lifting meet! We are proud to say our lone girl AMBER won first place in her weight division! She was amazing! Our son Scott wrapped her knees and helped her prepare for her lifts and I went as a chaperon and cheerleader for Amber! (however I'm afraid my snoring might have cost her some sleep!) We stayed at a very nice hotel in Sherman and had a great day. We knew Amber would take a gold medal, shes got that inner and outer strength. She amazes us all! Way to go AMBER! Sunday I got some much needed grandma time with my 2 grandsons. We had a fun day at the mall and Chuck E. Cheese.

I'm so excited for Summer to be here soon. We have a beautiful pool and our grandsons really enjoy it, I love to garden and will have the back yard full of flowers and planning trips. I am not sure if I'm taking our son back to Hawaii for his Sr. trip or if we will go on a cruise in the Caribbean. I have a good friend in Hawaii that is an amazing photographer and he is an avid surfer so we most likely will go to Honolulu! Scott's up for either one.

Hope you guys have a great week! My birthday is this Saturday and we will be at Scott's regional Power lifting meet, where hopefully he will break the state record (he only missed by 25 lbs last week.)

We are also planning our Easter Children's' portrait specials and will announce it soon. To get on the list call the studio at (940) 761-5111 . Our lovely office manager Jacquelyn would be happy to put you on the list. We may have live animals again this year or something else in the works, that shall remain a surprise!

Enjoy the early spring weather! HUGS!
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