Thursday, December 16, 2010

The movie to see this Christmas!

Each morning I drive my son in law to work and at 5:30 am, as I make the long drive to Burkburnett, I listen to our local Christan station KMOC.

Ive been listening to interviews lately with 2 people who are experts on the author C.S. Lewis. Lewis penned the famous books The Chronicles of Narnia. From what Ive heard in the interviews, Lewis wanted to introduce children to Jesus Christ in a way that would not bring about any preconceived notions. So that they could see Jesus in the way he really is. Not in the way that would be negative or would turn them off. But in a way that their eyes would be open and their hearts would be open.

From what I heard in the interviews, In the newest movie "VOYAGE of the Dawn Treader" one boy is very spoiled and self centered. He only cares about himself and he is so selfish and greedy that he turns into a dragon. Then he sees himself as he really is and is miserable and wants to change.

He tries to change his life himself and he cant do it. He tries really hard. Finally Aslyn the lion helps him and Aslyn rips his claws into the dragon skin and tears it off layer by layer all the while with the boy screaming in pain! When Alsyn finally gets the thick dragon skin off the boy emerges. When the others ask the boy "DID IT HURT"? and the boys says "Yes it hurt, but it was a GOOD HURT." The message is that if we are running our own lives instead of letting Christ be in charge, we cannot become Christians on our own, we need to go to Christ, only he can transform us and the transformation is painful. Its not easy. But only he can do it. I heard that there is a scene where there is a river and Aslyn tells them if you drink from any river you will become thirsty again soon, but if you drink from this water THE LIVING WATER, you will never be thirsty again. I can't wait to go see and take our son and my grandsons and the whole family.

I will admit I'm not into Twilight, Ive never seen them or read the books, but I am a NARNIA junkie of sorts! Because the message is so pure and sweet and good. I hope the soundtrack is good too! Here's a link to it.

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