Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fun project I came up with!

I love to make things at the holidays. I get a bigger thrill of coming up with an idea and then shopping for things and making it! I made this Friday morning before work! Now my office manager wants one. I had found all these pine cones recently the day after I shot a wedding in Denton. My assistant and I saw all these pine cones lying in a parking lot in Denton near a store. So we grabbed about 30 of them. Ive been trying to figure out what i wanted to do with them and recently I decided I would make a wreath. I used my trusty Hot Glue gun, and some florists wire and moss, and some pretty iced fruit from Michael's. I got the fabric for the ribbon from Hancock Fabrics. Its my favorite shade of green. I hope you get to make something fun this holiday season! Tonight I'm making photo ornaments!

Dixie Wreath
wreath 2
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