Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas time at P.B.D.!

It's been really busy here at Photography by Dixie. Jackie and I are taking on the day every day with gusto! I love her can do spirit and her great attitude! We are receiving portrait orders, decorating the studio , photographing families and Seniors and counting down the days until Christmas. This time of year always warms my heart and I love seeing all the beautiful families dressed in their Christmas outfits.! Recently we had our number one favorite clients, The Horten's come in with their new baby Britton and daughter Holland. Ive enjoyed watching this family grow from the first day when Mom came in expecting their first child Holland.

We've got to meet some adorable Air Force families too. As you can understand I'm behind on Blogging, so Ill leave it at that. Ill post pics when I get time! Hope you are all enjoying the season. We've been decorating our home the past couple of weeks and my daughters home too and taking time to sip some Hot chocolate and cookies. We can still photograph you and have your portraits in by Christmas if you come in by Dec. 20th!
The photo is one I took Friday of a young family. I wanted it to look like those silouette cutouts that used to be so popular in the Victorian days. Its a real photograph just altered a bit in photoshop. I love how you can see the baby Emmas profile and her sweet little feet!

Merry Christmas Yall!
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