Thursday, November 11, 2010

Meeting and Photographing Sarah Palin!

Sarah P Dixie
What a great night it was at the beautiful Majestic Theatre in downtown Dallas last night. Alaskan Govenor Sarah Palin was the speaker, along with Texas Governor Rick Perry, and Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert,and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. But of course all eyes were on Sarah!
I was so excited to be one of the photographers at the event for Heroic Media! Security was very high with Secret Servicemen and bodyguards everywhere! Getting to tell Govenor Palin to look this way and count to three was thrilling! The camera loves here and lots of people were on hand to meet with her. I heard that people paid over $2,000.00 per ticket to spend a few seconds with her and to get a photo with her. After the photos, she gladly posed with me for a couple of photos and we chatted briefly. She asked me some questions which took me by surprise! Wow, she actually cared about my opinion as a military wife! She told me to tell my husband, thanks for his service for his serving in the US Airforce these past 26 years and she has a way of making you feel like she is there just for you. It was a great night. She had everyones attention and told us about her daughter Bristol and the birth of her son and being a grandma. wow. Many thanks to my friend Tim for allowing me the privledge!
dixie sarah p
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