Saturday, October 09, 2010


Wow, Friday night, we had a great game against Vernon. It was a nail biter. I will explain more soon. and add pictures. All I can say is we ARE SO PROUD OF THE PLAYERS. (and Coaches!) They won and it was on KFDX play of the week with Tobin McDuff.

You know that feeling when you feel like your chest is going to burst open because you are so proud of someone?. Well thats how my husband and I feel about every single player of the Burk Bulldogs. I looked into their eyes Friday night, while on the sidelines and taking pictures and I saw something that gave me goosebumps. I saw a combination of determination, hope, extreme focus, and a whole lot of "WERE GONNA GET IT DONE!"

Over the years we've gotten to know these boys and we love them. I mean we love them like they are family. We've seen them sweat, pray, fight, overcome obstacles, never give up and yes even cry. We've watched those boys turn from boys to Men. We've cried with them and we've cheered with them. We will do it again and again.
Friday night they pulled together like a real team. Like men in battle. Like men who have that determination to work as a unit, a team and get it done.
They did in fact, get it done.
We believed in them, and they came through. Not for us, but they came through for themselves, their team and for each other.
Because the main lesson that playing football teaches you is this. To give it your all, and to dig down deep and find that strength that we all possess
and make it happen.

Thanks Bulldogs for giving it your all. We are so proud of you boys, er i mean, MEN.
Lets do it again next Friday night!!!
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