Monday, October 04, 2010


The decorating saga of my daughters' family home continues. We have done a lot with the living room, dinning room and kitchen but havent even touched the childrens rooms yet or the Master bedroom.
We had a great bunkbed set that we loaned our oldest grandson and I found a great deal on a dresser for him.
Recently I was in Irving Texas with my in laws and passed a yard sale that had this hideous nightstand. It has the most horrible paint job. I dont know what went wrong here, but something went wayyy wrong.
So for the low price of $7. i snagged it and managed to squeeze it into my Ford Fusion backseat.
Im going to strip it and paint and have some ideas of what this unloved sad guy will be transformed into. (Laughing menaically and rubbing hands together. Muuu haahahaha!)
Seriously havent set on a color pallette for Tristans room yet, so not totally sure, but stay tuned for what it turns into soon!
(By the way, have you noticed you cant find a nightstand in this town for less than $99.00??)
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