Sunday, October 24, 2010

Missing in Action!

Luigi Barbano
Sorry I have been away for a while, what a week its been! My husband and I had an Italian Photographer come visit us for a few days, and we enjoyed his visit. He lives in Northern Italy near Turin. Luigi Barbano.
Some of the shots in his Travel gallery are here in Wichita Falls.

He's an amazing photographer and super sweet guy. This is his 2nd visit to see us. He is so intersting. We met him about 5 years ago on a cruise in the Caribbean and have stayed friends since then. Hes primarily a commercial photographer and does beautiful work!
Heres a shot I got of him sitting in our living room. We miss you already Luigi!

We've been enjoying our sons Friday night Football games and the busy pace that having a Senior in the house comes with. Grandchildren, friends, family. What life is all about!

Saturday I photographed two beautiful ladies (who drove in from Abilene Texas!) in the Pin-Up 40s style and getting ready for our Fall Promotion.

If you want to be on our List for a Family Portrait in the Fall leaves give us a call. We still have some openings left! 940-761-5111
Ill be back soon! Have a blessed day!
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