Monday, June 07, 2010

Shawnda and Ryan!

Rarely do I post weddings on my blog but Shawnda and Ryan are Special!
Ive known Shawndas mom for what seems like maybe 10 years! Shes a wonderful person, a Doctor and Minister and a sweet person. Her daughters are special too!
Shawndas dad performed the ceremony and it was so cute, how he hesitated to say "I now prounounce you man and wife." It was so cute, as he almost couldnt say the words. But you know that he loves his future son in law Ryan. Who wouldnt love him?
Thanks guys for choosing me to capture this special day. It was beautiful, funny, tender and sweet!
Heres a few of my favorites!

tennis shoes 3

bouquets 56
bridesmaids 2
cake tie
pretzels pinkpurple
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