Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Good things comes to those who wait.

I wanted to talk just a minute about a subject on my mind lately. About Patience. My mother used to always say "PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE". and Ive often heard "GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT."

I think I learned Patience young. My mother loved to go to the Fabric store and she knew that taking 3 little children into a place like that spelled disaster, so back in the 60s and 70s people often would leave their children in the car to wait. It was safe back then to do that. She told us not to talk to strangers and we wouldn't. We entertained ourselves in the car by playing all sorts of games, using our imaginations and talking to one another.

I loved going to West Texas with my dad for our summer vacations, but the thing about my dad was he loved to conserve gas. So even though the speed limit was 70 he would drive about 50. He still thinks I should drive 50. I am not kidding. So a trip that was 303 miles, should of only taken 4 1/2 hours took about 6 and a half.

And with the windows rolled down, blowing super hot dry desert air and my dad listening to his favorite stations that played Lots of Hank Williams, Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash, I learned patience.

I remember once putting my hand out the window and tapping the antenna that was located near the front passenger window, which messed up the signal and tapping it over and over and over irritating my dad who never seemed to run out of patience. I remember him letting me drive, a three on the tree transmission, for long stretches of country roads. He taught me not to pop the clutch. How to accelerate slowly and letting out the clutch slowly, and he never once lost paitence with me teaching me to drive that Ford maverick.

I remember watching the ripples of heat on the highway blur the mountains in the distance and listening to my dad singing along with the radio and giving me a wink every now and then with his Paul Newman blue eyes.

I learned patience on that highway stretch between Plainview and Balmorhea Texas. I learned that even though you may be hot and tired and sweaty and dying to get to the natural spring fed swimming pool that you just had to bide your time and learn to entertain yourself in some way because getting all antsy wouldnt get you there any faster,AND IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!

My dad was a jeweler and he won many awards and trophies. My dad carved one of the hardest things to carve and that is JADE. and he wouldn't use power tools, he used a foot peddled modified sewing machine that he peddled hour after hour day after day for years. Yes he had a few drills and some power tools, but he did take his time. Crafting each piece, slowly and methodically. He never rushed. He always did it right he first time and he did amazing work. I have some things that bring tears to my eyes when I look at them. Yes, my father possess patience in abundance!

I learned that if I got too antsy then i upset people around me and things really got bad.The reason Im writing about this right now is that I have seen a lot of people very impatient lately, everywhere from stores, to the Graduation ceremonies, to traffic and yes to even my own studio.

I will tell you this. If you are a person who is a hurry to get your pictures taken and printed and back to you fast, then we are not the studio for you. You would do better to go to Walmart or Sears or JcPenneys. Because what we are about is patience, and quality. We take 4-6 weeks to get your portraits back. We have a new lab that will do it faster but I lovingly retouch the portraits myself and I take my time to do it right the first time. I think its important to do it right and have them beautiful because after all, arnt they going to be passed down to future generations? Its worth the wait.

I have and I will continue to turn away clients that are rushers. People who want evaerything yesterday. Because you see, Ive learned these people are unhappy people. And I dont care to spend my days around unhappy people.
I have walked this earth for 47 years and one thing I KNOW FOR SURE IS THIS. That you don't improve the quality of your life by speeding it up.

I know that the best things in life come about slowly. A nice home cooked meal, vs fast food. A beautiful yard takes years to develop and trees to grow and spread out to create shade and a place that children and butterflies and a hammock can thrive in.
To build a family takes 9 months of steady slow growing and you cant rush that, or you'll have disastrous results.

That home made ice cream tastes better than any store bought ice cream, and hand cranked tastes the best. To a finished beautiful Portrait that has a life time guarantee. Yes all the good things in life take time. All the things of quality take time.

When we were in Hawaii back in January, my husband was there on business and i was there on pleasure and at night when we would meet up for our evening meal, i noticed that he was on edge, impatient with the lines at the restaurants and edgy and moody. I saw crowds of people applauding the sunset, as they often do in Hawaii.

I heard the phrase often from the hotel staff and locals that Hawaiians operate on what they call "ISLAND TIME". Its a slower pace , a more laid back pace. I guess I must be part Hawaiian, because I've always been this way. Slow down and smell the roses.
Yes I know there are certain places and events that we must be on time for. School, work, job interviews, doctors appointments, etc. But guys... lets not be fanatical about the clock that we miss out on life. Everything is not life or death and so super important. If everything is important and urgent, then NOTHING is important.
Its spring time, lets chill and slow down a bit and enjoy life. We do not know what tomorrow holds for us and this might be our last week, or last summer. Life is to be relished and enjoyed.
Now I'm off to take a nice long bath and do nothing but pop bubbles with my toes. I hope you can do the same for yourself. Thanks Dad for teaching me that being patient and enjoying THE NOW is what life is all about.


PS--If you want a nice slow paced wonderful vacation that doesnt cost much and you can float in the crystal clear spring waters, then you might want to take a trip to Balmorhea State Park, located in West Texas. Its not crowded, no one is in a hurry and you can sit for hours and listen to the birds and watch the water flow and the cotton wood trees blow in the breeze. PARADISE! Take a tent or bring a camper or rent one of their nice rooms. State park owned and operated and very affordable. Oh and did I mention the stars at night are unbeleiveable! Thats why the famous McDonald Observatory is not far from there. The stars are the clearest and most beautiful there!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5ONL3XibuM

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