Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lobster Boil in our backyard coming soon!

The best part about summer is dinning Al Fresco! (eating outdoors)
We threw a going-away Party friday night for a friend of ours John, and my husband cooked his famous fajitas and we served up cold frozen marga-ma-ritas and had about a dozen fun people over!
It was a great evening, we sat out by the pool with just the twinkling of the lights and the TIKI Toches blazing, creating a tropical atmosphere for our guests. It was a great evening!
Now Ive got plans for a Lobster Boil this weekend! I assembled all the decorations and bought the Lobsters and were going to have our first ever Lobster Boil! I love the beach and have always wanted to go up to Cape Cod and have a crab boil or lobster boil, but havent yet, so I decided to test run one at home first.

The decorations I got at Gardenridge in Dallas, WORLD MARKET , Jc Pennys, Hobby Lobbyand Big Lots.
Pics to come soon. I can already taste that juciy lobster dipped in melted butter!
Enjoy your summer everyone!!!
lobster boil

eat napkins

dixie beer
Fake Lobster
lobster eat
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