Monday, April 26, 2010


If you know me at all, you know my favorite season is Summertime! At our house we entertain a lot outdoors by the pool and we love to bar b que and have lots of gatherings!

One of the most fun things is each year I will decorate our yard in a different theme. Some years I go for a more Luau look, sometimes, I pick a color and go wild with it. (Blue or Lime Green) some years, I go more for a beach theme (which is my favorite.) Earlier this year I went to Hawaii and I got some nice things for the decks and patios including some Tiki masks.
But one of my favorite stores is Pottery Barn. They always have classy "beachy" decor for your home. This year they have lots of different Lanterns. Ive ordered some, but in the meantime I found these two here in town, while I wait for my shipment.
I got the center one at Pier 1 Imports only $20.00 and the one on the right is from Hobby Lobby and its on sale for half price at only $8.50!

Then I added the candles and the sea shells.
I love Lanterns and Tiki torches, so at night the candles glow and the tikki torches and glow of the pool light is all that lights the yard.Its so romantic for a moonlight swim!
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