Saturday, April 24, 2010


Lorenzo 222
What can I say about this young man named LORENZO.? You cannot stereotype this young man. Lorenzo is both strong and soft. Both Serious and Playful. Hes both Man and Childlike. Hes intimidating but loves the Lord .
Hes an amazing young man. No wonder his class voted him Homecoming King of the year 2010. Hes a God fearing young man with a loving family and tons of friends. Hes in PALS (which is an honor!) and a friend to everyone. Teachers like him as well as his peers. Hes a dedicated athlete but also a quiet gentle young man. In his football uniform when hes standing in front of you, he can put fear in your heart. I feel sorry for the other football players who had to take hits from him!. He is a giant of a man. He weighs over 300 lbs. He is a champion weight lifter. He has a great sense of Humour. But Mostly....He is Amazing.
Hes both a Lion and a Lamb. Hes a loyal, good friend to our son too.
And both my husband and I LOVE HIM.
We feel like hes a part of our family. I was honored to take his Sr. Portraits. I only have time to post this one now, but more will follow .(I have more sessions today.)He had so many schools interested in him and he got a full scholarship! There is no doubt in my mind that Lorenzo will do great things. Hes a Leader, hes a Christian, Hes a giver and hes inspiring. He'd make a great Pastor, a great Teacher, a great anything he decides to do.
Thanks Lorenzo, It was an honor.
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