Friday, April 09, 2010

Dez Bryant the Newest Dallas Cowboy!

As Most of you guys know, my son loves football. Hes been a starter on the varsity team since he was a sophomore. And he plays both Offense and Defense and doesnt get much rest during games! (IRON MAN) But he loves it. So he was really excited when I told him on my flight back from California I was sitting next to a football player and his dad. A really nice young man.

I could tell by looking at him that he was an athlete. I struck up a conversation and sure enough found out he was a college ball player. But not just any College player, but ranked very high as one of the TOP BALL PLAYERS and will be going into the NFL draft as one of the highest ranked Wide Receivers! WOW! He was flying around to 12 different cities talking to NFL teams. His name is Dez. I thought that sounded familiar and then i realized he played for Oklahoma State. Dez BRYANT! He was so down to earth and really nice. (the Best always are.) His dad was very nice too and i asked his dad to take a few shots of me and Dez for our son.

I think this young man will be a Big NFL star after talking to his dad for a while. Dez was impressed at how much weight our son can lift. He said that was very impressive for a 17 year old (430 Lb bench, 700 lb squat, 550 lb deadlift.) He said to tell our son good luck and to keep training as hard as he can and to not give up.

What a great kid!
UPDATE. DEZ WAS CHOSEN BY THE DALLAS COWBOYS in the NFL DRAFT! I knew he'd make it! Way to go Dez!

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